Classical musician and digital product designer

I am a musical artist, teacher, researcher and UX/UI designer with extensive experience in both creative arts and higher education sectors. I enjoy a diverse portfolio career that combines creative practice and lifelong learning.

After over a decade performing and recording internationally as one of Australia’s leading classical guitarists, I served in professional leadership and academic roles within the Australian university sector. I have mentored and contributed to the personal and academic development of hundreds of tertiary and pre-tertiary students from around the world, and have led educational programs and research projects on a range of interdisciplinary subjects.

At the same time, I shifted my creative practice to my second instrument – the piano – and now specialise in collaborating with classical singers and instrumentalists, performing art song, opera and chamber music.

Since having moved to Berlin in 2021, I have added digital product design to my career portfolio, and am currently working as a UX/UI designer on MuseScore Editor – the world's most popular notation software, with over 12m users.

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