UI design student project no. 1

Native app for iOS

Bradley Kunda

The project brief called for the UI design of an 80s music player mobile app, and to prepare for handover to developers. 

I was tasked with defining the UI direction of the product, and to contributing further functionalities beyond the very basic ones requested by the developers, namely, to create a profile, search for new artists, and make a playlist.

​The app responds to these objectives by incorporating a distinctive 80s visual aesthetic, which is inspired by the neon vaporware style, and by adding additional affordances including a unique system for browsing music that evokes the feeling of flipping through albums in a record store.

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The browse screen strips the process of finding music back to its bare essentials.

  • Organised by musical genre

  • Prioritises album art over textual information

  • Recalls the way people found music back in the 1980s.

You spin me right round

It's all neon

  • Color palette uses a double split complimentary rule

  • Two accent colors on a deep purple base

  • Recalls the visual aesthetic of 1980s neon signage 

  • Icon set designed for clear identification at small scale

  • Icons evoke the look of neon signage, with broken lines and subtle imperfections

Dominant purple


supportive grey


accent pink


accent green


Playlists are out

Mixtapes are in

What's in a name?

Perhaps not that much...but the concept of the mixtape was too integral to the 1980s music-curating experience to pass up!

  • Original icon set, featuring home, mixtape, search, and playback control icons

  • Designed to work with neon color palette

The look and feel of the 80s

For my first design project, I was interested in the challenge of developing a product that drew on an historic period characterised by such a strong visual aesthetic.

  • Design objective: to make an app that evoked the 1980s without making it look like it was made in the 1980s

  • Practical skills:

    • Learnt industry-standard tools (Sketch, Craft suite plugins, InVision) 

    • Developed my understanding of usability heuristics, grids, icon design and wireframing.

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