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Répétiteur in Denmark

Given the extraordinary situation of the world right now, I was grateful for the rare opportunity to participate as a répétiteur at a summer vocal academy in Denmark last month.

The North Sea Vocal Academy "Frost of Scandinavia" in Verstervig saw us work for seven days in an idyllic and remote seaside location. I had the privilege of playing for the vocal studio of Helene Gjerris, and working closely with fellow Australian pianist Philip Mayers. 9 talented young singers formed the core of the academy, and it was wonderful being a part of their vocal and artistic development over the course of the week.

The highlight of being able to present a concert in the beautiful local church was indeed a precious opportunity given the circumstances.

The sun sets over the sea on the west coast of Denmark

Church in Vestervig - venue for the final concert of the North Sea Vocal Academy

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