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UI Design, Prototyping
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I was tasked with defining the UI direction of an 80s music player mobile app, and to contributing further functionalities beyond what was directed in the brief.

I responded to this by adopting a distinctive 80s visual aesthetic, inspired by the neon vaporware style.

I also developed a unique system for browsing music, appropriately reminiscent of flicking through records in a record store. 


I researched a range of existing mobile music player apps to learn appropriate design patterns.

I reiterated my paper wireframe design several times before arriving at the desired tab-drawer layout for browsing through albums.

User feedback played a pivotal role in determining the visual aesthetic, where a preference for the vaporware look won out over the memphis style.

Finally, I created a prototype in Origami Studio to showcase the browse tab drawer. 


I used this project as an opportunity to develop my own unique icon set.

The icons changed considerably through the design process, as it became clear that styling with a neon colour effect would cause icons to appear blurry at small scale. This was overcome by slimming down the stroke weight for smaller icons. 

I sought to fit high contrast colours within an established colour harmony rule, in order to ensure that some sense of balance might prevail within an otherwise loud and audacious aesthetic.


Click to watch the working prototype in action
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