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UX/UI Design, Branding
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Project brief

To design a concept web store that would help people quickly and easily shop for unique stationery products. 

I was responsible for creating this imaginary brand’s guiding design principles so that all marketing collateral would conform to the product’s identity. 

I created these brand guidelines, which demonstrate my advanced copy-writing skills as well as my logo and brand design abilities.


I used user stories to establish key user flows, on which I based my preliminary wireframes. 

Central to one of my user stories was the visibility of the company’s returns policy. After testing the usability of my wireframes on a range of target users, I was able to improve the discoverability of the returns policy link buttons by moving them further up in the overall user flow.    


Generating adequate image collateral was a key challenge in designing for a concept web store that didn’t have any existing image assets. I used Affinity Photo to transform a number of stock images into a cohesive and variegated set for my final mockups. 

As a customer, I want to shop somewhere with a flexible returns policy and good customer service, so that I can easily return what I do not want.


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