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UI Design, Prototyping
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To create a metronome that better serves the needs of musicians wanting to practise and improve their rhythmic skills.

With myriad competitor apps offering abundant affordances, I strove to create a no-frills metronome that could be transformed into a fully customisable rhythm machine.

Beat Map’s point of difference is that it's not a click track for a given song. Instead, it's a tool purely for musical practice. Musicians can use Beat Map to make virtually limitless rhythmic patterns, providing a more creative metronome experience to support rhythmic refinement.


My design goal was to create a simple, uncluttered user experience while offering complex customisation. This meant finding the minimum number of screens to support maximum customisability.

I found inspiration for the visual aesthetic by first developing a dark mode version of the main screen. The colour orange was inspired by the lamp colour of physical Korg metronomes and tuners. I then adapted the orange highlight colour to the more on-trend electric tangerine, supported by a clean light mode interface. 

The "beat map” grid concept itself was inspired by existing music production apps for iOS, including Auxy Pro, which offers an interactive grid that plays sounds from top-bottom in a range of customisable metrical subdivisions. 


Prototyping was this project's biggest challenge. I realised that Beat Map’s unique interactivity would make learnability difficult in a prototype that showed only the screens and navigation flow.

I decided to create a more interactive prototype that showed how the beat map grid itself would function when used. 

Origami Studio provided the customisability I needed to realise this prototype. I therefore took this challenge as an opportunity to learn a new tool while developing a more sophisticated end-result.

A metronome is like a mirror. It can show you what you look like, but it won't make you beautiful.


Click to watch the working prototype in action
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