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A woman’s dietary requirements change during pregnancy. 

Many foods can suddenly become off-limits, and both mother and baby have increased nutritional demands. 

I researched and designed a responsive web app that provides recipes for a healthy diet during pregnancy. My target users were expectant mothers, partners, or anyone responsible for food preparation during this critical time. 


I conducted interviews with new parents to learn more about their food preparation needs during pregnancy. This led to the important realisation that I needed to design not just for the mother, but also for her partner or other support people. This was significant as, based on my competitor analysis of existing pregnancy apps, it seemed that most pregnancy apps were targeted only towards expectant mothers.

I then focussed on meeting my target users’ goals of designing an app with excellent filters that didn’t try to offer too many divergent affordances. I employed the “jobs to be done” process to hone-in on key user flows, and selected the most vital affordances on which to base the design of the minimum viable product.


Designing recipe filters based on a variety of specific ingredient requirements goes to the heart of what’s challenging about food preparation during pregnancy. I redesigned my filters during the wireframing process in order to achieve the fastest route to the recipe card. Adding recipe suggestions on the search screen was one outcome of this iterative process.  

When I search for a recipe, I want to quickly see what I can make based on the ingredients I already have so I can prepare a meal in the shortest possible time without an extra trip to the shops


Click to watch the working prototype in action
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