Recipe app for expectant parents

UX Design Phase

Bradley Kunda


A woman’s dietary requirements change during pregnancy. 

Many foods can suddenly become off-limits, and both mother and baby have increased nutritional demands. 

This responsive web app provides recipes for a healthy diet during pregnancy. It is designed for expectant mothers, partners, or anyone responsible for food preparation during this critical time.


Expectant parents during all stages of pregnancy

Primarily first-time parents

Age group 20-40

Not gender-specific


That first-time parents are generally under-educated about nutritional requirements and food risks during pregnancy

That, where there are two expectant parents, the onus to prepare food will most often lie with the partner or support person, rather than the mother


All interviewed participants reported that the partner, not the mother, was responsible for food preparation (usually because of pregnancy sickness)

Users wanted simple and affordable recipes, options to filter ingredients for cravings, and add-to and share affordances for shopping lists

Users complained of apps with too many features (e.g. combining fitness and food) – Nobody wanted to feel bad for exercise they weren't doing!


Amanda & Matthew

Ages: 31,36 | Married 6 years

Master’s degrees

Full-time public servant and high-school teacher

Busy lifestyles

Intelligent, stressed, busy, conscientious

Driven by being as informed as possible about best practices 

Keeping up with all the rules was really hard. There's a lot of unreliable mummy blogs out there!

Melissa & Robert

Ages: 30,37 | Married 5 years

Bachelor's degrees

Full-time pre-school carer and marketing officer

Living abroad due to careers

Relaxed, adventurous, impressionable, family-oriented

Want to keep things simple in the kitchen

I want to cook recipes with the best nutritional value that are the easiest to make.


Age: 36 | Single

Bachelor's degree

Senior administrative officer

Living in her adopted home city of New York

Independent, self-serving, skeptical, smart

Determined to succeed as a single parent

Motivated by achieving her personal goals

Too many apps act like one-stop shops. I just want to know what I should eat and not be made to feel bad that I can't maintain my usual exercise regime right now.


The MVP of this web app will allow users to:

  • Find recipies that are quick and simple to make

  • View reliable nutritional information

  • Save and share recipes

  • Filter by key ingredients

The MVP objectives are to;

  • Gain validation from target users

  • Build trust in our target audience that the app will be a safe and useful product 

MVP iteration 2 will include:

  • Nutritional tracker

Jobs to be done

When I create my own account, I want to be able to personalise my dietary requirements so I can receive recipe suggestions that are most relevant to me

When I search for a recipe, I want to quickly see what I can make based on the ingredients I already have so I can prepare a meal in the shortest possible time without an extra trip to the shops

When I choose a recipe, I want to be able to add its ingredients to a shopping list and share it with my partner or support person so the shopping can be more easily

When I choose a recipe, I want to see that it is going to meet my dietary requirements (or those of my partner) so I can feel confident and assured about my eating habits

User flows

Low-fi wireframe prototype

Major take-home lesson

User research and testing helped to define the key affordances and MVP in a significant way

New software learnt

Omnigraffle for user flow diagrams

Next steps

Incorporate feedback from user testing about design improvements

– simplify user-flows by removing unnecessary confirmation screens

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